Smartfren QoS in 2012

I’m a Smartfren internet subscriber since 2010. Since January 2012, when the refill date is getting closer, Smartfren blocks DNS services in EVDO port so I cannot connect to any site although my connection is EVDO but when I switched to CMDA 1x then I can connect to anywhere without problem.

I’m pretty sure they got “special” rule in their routing services especially for their DNS server because the DNS addresses are equal for CDMA 1x connection and EVDO connection. Here there are:


Is this the real QoS of Smartfren?

Nevermind, Smartfren is still the best wireless internet connection provider available in Yogyakarta compared to it’s GSM and CDMA competitor but the subscribers are forced to use CDMA 1x connection to remain in fair-usage. They did in polite and smoothly to avoid conflict with their marketing campaign. Nice strategy.

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