A Long Journey of Energy

Why do we have to eat?

Do we really eat?

Who does need to eat?

Me? Or Part of me?

Why do we need energy?

Do we like other biochemical beings?

Is the food-chain hierarchy correct?

We eat biochemical beings to keep our component “working”. I know “working” is a bad word for previous sentence but that is what actually exist. We eat non-biochemical thing to fight other biochemical beings.

We know Asteroid, Planet, Star, Galaxy, Galaxy Cluster and other higher structure of visible Universe. The most interesting here is star because star is the centre of planet revolution and at once the component of a Galaxy. Star gives biochemical beings some energy to keep them “works” and finally produce something we eat.

Star of course need a fuel to work. They need Hydrogen and when they fail to consume Hydrogen they will die, contracting it’s core and blow away as Supernova or Blackhole if it is too massive.

Why do “we” work just like stars in the sky?

Since sperm “we” need energy and when we die it means part of our body “stop” working. Our body will be destroyed by worm and maggot and it means “consumed” by other biochemical being to give them energy.

Life is just a long journey of energy


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