Too many informations is not good for you

You will be made busy and distracted by information surround you by today’s technology but actually you made almost nothing out of it and just loosing your productivity.

The following is an excerpt from slashdot:

Technology: Having Too Much Information Can Narrow Your Focus on Friday August 13, @06:30PM
Posted by Soulskill on Friday August 13, @06:30PM

CeruleanDragon writes "This excerpt sums up Dave Pell's article at NPR pretty well: 'Google's Eric Schmidt recently stated that every two days we create as much information as we did from the beginning of civilization through 2003. Perhaps the sheer bulk of data makes it easier to suppress that information which we find overly unpleasant. Who's got time for a victim in Afghanistan or end-of-life issues with all these Tweets coming in?' It's a valid point. If it's not Tweets or Facebook posts, it's lengthy forum arguments or reading news articles from the time you walk in the door at work until you're ready for bed at night, and realizing you didn't actually accomplish anything else. Sometimes too much information can get in the way of living and can bury otherwise important things."

Apparently, I agree with him.

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