This is just according to the structure of jaw and teeth of homo-sapien. Naturally, I mean back to basic but doesn’t mean ignoring the law of slowly running evolution, actually:

1. Human doesn’t eat meat
2. Human doesn’t consume salt

In the cold area where the weather are extreme such as icy and snowy region in earth, they suffered because they don’t want to move to another area. We all know a migration of birds every year. That’s natural.

Salt, they think, is unique and has an exotic taste. So, they consume and mixed with any kind of foods they eat to keep tasting an exotic taste. This is an exhibit ego and not a natural way of fulfillment of food supply to stay alive.

Yes, ego and shadow of being number one in the food chain or civilization make human unconsciously in the race of self-destruction.

That’s all something in my mind for today.

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