Creating Searchable PDF from TIFF

I’ve taken almost 24 hours googling just to find a good searchable PDF builder tool. I found dozens of commercial and overbloated software but I seek only freeware.

Lucky me because I visit that contains but the link is broken and I just change the URL to and I saw :

intelliant-ocr-1.1.exe 24-Feb-2008 17:32 5.6M

Just download that file and see it’s power. It generated a very good searchable PDF from my 3000x3000x32 compressed TIFF images.

It’s the simplest and the most powerfull tool for at least now. Most opensource OCR tools is not packaged for such tasks.

Thank you Intelliant… May God Bless your team forever!

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One Response to Creating Searchable PDF from TIFF

  1. Jason F says:

    Er.. That software costs $200, you have just downloaded a demo that stops working after 50 pages!

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