Forgiving yourself

This world is just like it is. Human is just a part of a bigger process. Everything happened in this universe is never as a surprise. Everything is complete and fair and always in balance.

We are being occluded by our own analytic property. We are driven by our hope. We make positive words to encourage ourself. This world surely have to evolve but still everything is complete and perfect. We see imperfection because we have “mission” whether it is constructive or destructive depend on how we see.

Life and Death is a process of how to keep the balance stand still but everything is always in balance and perfect.

Do not see everything always from our point of view because we are limited by our experience and lifetime. Try to understand everything as a part of bigger process and part of this universe.

Forgive yourself, your family, your neighbourhoods, your friends, your enemies. Forgive the world has done to you and forgive GOD for what HE has done to you. Ask HIM to forgive what you have done to everything in your life time. Keep your heart clean and clear and “hope” to see a better world.

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