In the last century, people can go anywhere physically with ease. One can go from country to country except that one is black-listed in some countries, politically. Nothing is wrong with that. Fine, thanks to technology. We have aeroplane flying around everywhere in this planet.

Stop. Relax. Take a deep breath. Release. Recall our ancestors, prophets, philosophers, scientists. Remember that they are the leader of the moving forward or backward of the civilization in this planet. I’m pretty sure if they got aeroplane in their life times then they will spread the “knowledge” they got all over the world with the help of aeroplanes.

Do you get a question in your mind such as “Should The human civilization move like this?”. Money is one of the biggest stimulus but ego is the bigger one. The capitalism is just an expression of small groups with such equal ambition and obsession. Another good example is Phi Beta Kappa or ΦΒΚ. I know it’s prestigious but it was formed to get capitalized among other society. Yup, just another kind of capitalism. I think it is little bit different compared to Nobel price.

Hey…hey…hey…wake up people!
We are just a part of a bigger process. We are a life form in this planet. With this in mind they will be only two choices. Be good or be bad. You cannot be achromatic from this vote. It’s a way of life.

One day when there were only TEN rules to live in a harmony, there always be a need to break those simple rules. Nowadays, there are uncountable jeopardized rules mixed by hidden monstrous ego behind. Still, some of them always want to rupture, taciturnly. Economy or money as its instance is the key of dominating this planet. We have to kill to eat whether it is animal or plant. We need something else to keep ourself alive and because we are delivered to have a power to retain our ancestor’s behaviour, we prepare our own forfeiture.

When the money has already been sold then the chaos will take place. Stock Exchange is selling something that is virtual so the bad guy will easily virtualize anything that is humanly accepted as logic. Only logic window the gate to the destructions of everything. Fear of loosing, fear of insufficient. Happy of richness, happy of profuseness.

Please, please, please….
Living in harmony!
Keep the balance of you and around you!
No Racism!
No Capitalism!
No Militerism!
No Religionism!

Let lifes find it’s way and take step to the next stage. Do not stop it’s natural evolution by our own ego.

Physically, we could observe this life that way but do you know the One who build the grand rules?

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