My answer to import jmonkey Eclipse project to Netbean 6.5 for Windows

0. Create folder “jmonkeyproject”
1. Checkout in “jmonkeyproject” folder from “” using TortoiseSVN
2. Open Netbean 6.5 and then select menu File -> Import Project -> Eclipse Project
3. Select Import Project Ignoring Project Dependencies
4. Select main folder of Eclipse project
5. Select newly created folder to hold binary compiled java source and netbean project settings. Lets call it “wadahbin”
6. Add the following strings in Run sections within VM Option: (replace “D:\__Lab\” with your own parent folder)


and string “jmetest.TestChooser” in “Main Class” input using Browse button and select “jmetest.TestChooser”

7. Select Library section then Add JAR/Folder in “Compile” tab and add “D:\__Lab\jmonkeyproject\lib\swt\windows\swt.jar”
8. Build project and run

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