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This is weird but wait….

This paper is funny but who knows???? Magnetic monopole is theoritically confusing. They said magnetic field or simply “magnet” is an “Illusive Particle”. Wow…that’s nice term. I have just read the paper but no time to review it at … Continue reading

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Error in Science

This is really a BAD things but still remain unknown.  Read this paper

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Realtime Ray Tracing Game

Quake “ray traced”. This is really cool development of Quake. When it will be realtime “globillum”? He..he..he…. Check this out

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Finally Mr. Darwin…

Hmmm… Finally, by the advancement of other science; Biology reached a level where the biologist has to agree that life is far more complex than what the human can think about. Here is the complete story:

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My answer to import jmonkey Eclipse project to Netbean 6.5 for Windows

0. Create folder “jmonkeyproject” 1. Checkout in “jmonkeyproject” folder from “” using TortoiseSVN 2. Open Netbean 6.5 and then select menu File -> Import Project -> Eclipse Project 3. Select Import Project Ignoring Project Dependencies 4. Select main folder of … Continue reading

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Hmm….Some videos

He..he..he…. I’m living in Indonesia where internet is really really expensive because of …….. BTW, uploading a video is extreemly challenging activity for me. These videos are my first uploaded videos so please let me know your comments. 🙂 And … Continue reading

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